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Circle of Change by Laney Cairo: some background

Image of blue 1970's Lincoln car, with text saying Circle of Change and Laney Cairo
Circle of Change's gorgeous new cover

I was on a panel at a science fiction convention recently, talking with other content creators about the importance of queer characters in young adult stories and what it means to queer people to see themselves in narratives. (It was a great panel, by the way!) One of the topics was the change in representation of queerness since the panellists were teenagers.

That topic has persisted for me since, not always happily. Which trans characters did I see, growing up in the Seventies? The example that I talked about in the panel is Jodie (played by a ridiculously young Billy Crystal), from 'Soap'. 'Soap' was a gloriously over the top, satirical romp through every soap opera trope ever, from family drama to alien mind control, and Jodie's character was put through the soap opera mincer during the four seasons the series was produced. One of Jodie's storylines covers his decision to transition gender, attempt to have SRS, subsequent change of mind and cancellation of the surgery, and attendant emotional distress. Jodie also dates men and women in the series, while identifying as gay. This was important stuff for me, as a young teenager! It's as though the 'Soap' writers and producers knew about my own gender and sexuality confusion and were writing the series for me (only with lots of extra plot lines about bitter butlers, criminals and, of course, aliens).

And then there's 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'. Much better known than 'Soap', possibly, and full of fabulously sexually ambivalent characters. The handling of gender identity in 'Rocky Horror' is a bit rough, but in the Seventies and long before the internet, I was willing to take what I could get. 'Rocky Horror' talks about transsexualism, and definitely dives into queerness in terms of sexual preferences, but its handling of gender expression didn't meet my adolescent needs. However, it also featured aliens, so that was a win. Or possibly a trend.

So that's my past, and now Circle of Change has been released in a print version, with a lovely new cover. Circle of Change was the story I wrote for myself first, trying out the idea of transitioning gender fictionally long before I publicly began the process. I remain very fond of Circle, and of Kim and Dash, who are so hopeful and young. When readers email me about Circle, I understand, because I too looked for the stories I could see myself in, and then eventually wrote them. I'm delighted to share Circle of Change with you all.

Circle of Change is available in e-book formats directly from Torquere, or as a

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The Spider's Web
Sophia Beaumont
After being released from a Toronto psych ward, Evie decides that her life needs a drastic change. Moving 500 miles east to stay with her aunt in Montreal, however, is not turning out as expected. Though she loves the city, she can’t outrun the problems that drove her to the edge in the first place.

Recovery might be a little easier if not for Micha. Handsome, kind, always willing to help Evie or cheer her on--and completely invisible to everyone else. He seems to think he’s some kind of guardian angel, and she might need one now that things have gone from bad to just plain weird.

It started with the spiders--ghostly spiders that showed up out of nowhere, swarming over Evie while she was home alone. Then the owls started following her.

Her search of answers dredges up past lives, secret societies, and one very angry goddess. She’s going to need help from some very powerful friends if she wants to make it to her next birthday, but when one of those friends is the goddess of the underworld, she might need more help than a guardian angel can provide.
Releasing 5/4/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Bad Cops (Laid Series Bk 2)
A.J. Llewellyn
In this explosive sequel to Laid, a series devised by gay porn director John Bruno and written by A.J. Llewellyn, hotshot Los Angeles police Lieutenant Jack Cannon is back in action. With his lover Lucky out of town on assignment, Jack has too much time on his hands and too much aggression to wait patiently at home for him. With a multi-department takedown of a drug and gambling ring exposed in an old LA warehouse, Jack slips inside the ruined, crumbling building for some solo fun…except that a few other cops…and a bad guy or two have the same idea…some guys are just born to be bad…
Author’s Note: Every sex scene in this book was filmed for Massive Studios in a series of webisodes. This edition has been re-edited and considerably expanded from the original version.
Releasing 5/4/16 - Available Pre-Order:

K.S. Trenten
From childhood, her eyes have haunted me. She cursed me at birth, to fall under a sleeping curse. Everyone is afraid of her. Everyone thinks she’s my enemy. Only I can’t think of her as an enemy. There are too many secrets surrounding her, too many silences. Who exactly is she, the dark haired, pale beauty, who haunts the tower, my guardian, and my dreams? What is the truth about her? Is she truly a wicked witch? Or is she just a girl, as cursed as I am? No one wants me to face the truth. No one wants me to look too deeply. I’m not afraid of her, even if I should be. Come with me, as I visit my tower, the enchanted forest, a lonely cottage, and look into a magic mirror. Face my curse, even as I face the spindle in her hands. Sing the words of a magic spell, even as it looms over me, threatening to completely overcome me. For I refuse to afraid of her, even if everyone thinks I should be.
Releasing 5/11/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Growing Strong
BL Dayhoff
A chance—and embarrassing—encounter brings Hunter and Chase together, but it’s patience and kindness that keep them there. Through a slow-blossoming friendship and a series of misunderstandings, Hunter finds himself fighting an attraction he thinks isn’t returned. But with the help of his roommate, Tony, he may just be able to make the leap and confess his feelings.
But love isn’t Hunter’s only concern. With his sister’s upcoming nuptials, he also must learn to face a family that hasn’t quite disowned him for his sexuality. With Chase by his side, it’s going to take strength for Hunter to stand up for himself and to hold on to what really matters.
Releasing 5/11/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Theory of Love Anthology
with stories from: Kayla Bashe, Alain Bell, M.D. Grimm, Asta Idonea, DC Juris, Dale Cameron Lowry, Lila Mathews, Charles Payseur, Jessica Payseur, Maia Strong, Lynn Townsend, K.S. Trenten

In Theory of Love, we wave our geek flag high! Tales from deep space, sci-fi realities, technology, academia, and cosplay are brought together in this collection. In Dale Cameron Lowry’s Far From Home, long-distance spouses fan the flames of passion while fighting to save humanity. Meat Space by Lynn Townsend, brings virtual space and the real world crashing into a new reality. Asta Idonea’s Captive shows us that love can form in any manner of situations. Beta Tester by Charles Payseur immerses the reader—and the characters—in a virtual reality that brings a friendship to a whole new level. K.S. Trenten’s A Symposium in Space, love is a different meal to every guest. Unexpected Dilemmas by Jessica Payseur long-distance lovers face hijacking and natural disaster to be together. Kayla Bashe’s Medic to the Hivemind a stranded student is saved by a mysterious voice with secrets. Being Jake by Lila Mathews shows readers that smart is sexy. In D.C. Juris’ Torn Apart, love provides the will to survive. Shattered Space by Alain Bell shows how love can grow from destruction. Maia Strong’s All ‘Ships May Sail connects cosplay, fandoms, and something more. Trash and Treasures by M.D. Grimm gives us a deal made in interstellar space that could be more than either party bargained for.
In theory, love is easy.
All individual stories are also available for pre-order!
Releasing 5/18/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Passion and Penance
Lana Cordova
Emily Jordan’s life as an English major is about to take an unexpected erogenous turn. In a critical financial pinch, she takes a year off from the university to work as a domestic for the billionaire Blackwood brothers in their lavish Kenilworth estate. She hopes to earn enough money to finish her master’s degree.
She barely arrives when she meets the twin Blackwood brothers who are both instantly attracted to her. Joel relishes in Emily’s every breath. Jackson is the tortured soul for whom passion and penance are synonymous. Joel is a tantric mystic who wants nothing more than to achieve nirvana. Jackson is the dominant brother who shoulders all responsibility for the family’s international industrial contracting and engineering firm. With Joel and Jackson, Emily explores two very different worlds of sensuality under the watchful eye of the abusive head housekeeper who condemns Emily’s every move.
Both brothers have their charms, and Emily finds them attractive, each in his own way. Will she choose passion or penance?
Previously published by Turquoise Morning Press.
Releasing 5/18/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Blood Visions
L.J. Hamlin
Private detective Ronan Bayne is a former cop who now runs his own agency specializing in all things paranormal. After several women have gone missing, Ronan gets called in by the police chief.
Dustin McPherson is a psychic who’s worked with the police in the past. After having a vision of one of the missing women, he meets Ronan. Together, they must solve a case more complicated than either of them expected.
Releasing 5/25/16 - Available Pre-Order:

No Place Like Home
DC Juris
Calliph and Mateo are back! The peace of the shifter pair's calm, quiet life, is shattered by a visit from one of Calliph's old pack members. Calliph must travel to the town of his birth, Naolassel, to speak on behalf of his twin brother, Rupos, who has been charged with murder. But Calliph's decision will endanger his beloved kitten...not to mention their relationship. Can Mateo reconcile with who Calliph was--and what he did--during the war, or is the truth of his wolf too much to bear?
Previously published by Noble Romance
Releasing 5/25/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Cinnamon and Cigarettes
Samantha Kate
Sara Clarke, recent college grad, is sweet, demure, and cautious in all things, but especially romance—until she meets Moira Estrada, a bold amateur pilot and patron at the library where Sara works. Their intimacy blooms rapidly as they share everything from a sudden medical emergency to Christmas with the Estrada family. With her dashing new girlfriend by her side, Sara learns to overcome some of her greatest fears, whether they be acknowledging her own bisexuality, flying across the sky in a Cessna, or falling in love for the first time.
But Sara’s fear of confrontation is harder to conquer. When asked about her relationship, she finds herself lying to her family, pretending to date a man so she can avoid conflict with her straight-laced and image-conscious parents. But her attempts to please everyone cannot last forever and could result in far worse than her parents’ disapproval: she might lose the respect of her new friends at the library, or become estranged from her sister—or, worst of all, Sara might lose the only person she’s ever truly loved.
Releasing 6/1/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Euphoria (Territories Bk 2)
Scott J. Kramer
The kingdom of Faldoa has thrived under its new queen. Euphoria has changed the land, yet evil lies in wait. During a mission to dispose of the last pieces of the magic mirror, she is attacked by a dark elf assassin using a mysterious box. Taylon, her captain of the Royal Guard is able to fight off the assailant, but not before damage is done to the queen.
Deep in the Territories, a strange prophecy comes forth from the elves, and Council Member Gantha is sent on a mission to find a wizard of races. Little does he know that this little foretelling speaks of resurrection of pure evil.
Taylon, with the help of a local medicine woman, seeks out a cure for the queen’s sickness in the far reaches of the kingdom, while the pieces of the magic mirror cause their own havoc.
Releasing 6/1/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Becoming Rory
Ashavan Doyon
Rory Graeble returns to college determined to reinvent himself. Too many years have been wasted with masks, but becoming a student leader is a step Rory isn’t sure he’s ready for. A new identity takes more than just a new nickname, and Rory knows he has to take the chances that his old self would never risk. When that chance is a party that ends with an anonymous hot skater’s tongue down his throat and a phone number in his pocket, Rory knows what he has to do.
Danny Smits never expected to see stuffy lit geek Rory Graeble trying to be out, trying to be proud, trying to be… Rory. It’s damned sexy, and too much for the entrepreneurial skater to resist. When Rory calls him back the day after the party, Danny knows Rory has changed. But will Danny’s haunted past deter Rory? Or will Rory embrace the chance to experience everything the closet had stolen away? Danny believes in keeping things real, in a brutal honesty he knows means Rory will run screaming.
But this time Rory isn’t running.
Releasing 6/8/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Love Off the Radar Collection
A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly
Love off the Radar features fourteen tantalizing, otherworldly tales of love, romance, passion, and mystery, by the best-selling team of A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly. In Chaos, a fallen god looks for love at a truck stop. A young man hovers between love and death in Hardsex. Before Morning is an erotic, romantic, volcanic vampire tale set in Feudal Japan – with a serious twist. Mojo Rising is a scandalous tale of same-sex love set in the South Seas.
D.J. Manly addresses BDSM in Disciplining Baron, and the two authors join forces for the paranormal title story Love off the Radar. Which will kill Mo Dingley first? Love, or a curse? Speaking of curses, Have you ever read the personal journals of a werewolf, or a vampire? Now's your chance! We've also got two very different love stories set in the time of Atlantis, and the sad but sweet Clean Monday, a coming-out story with a surprising hero. There are sexy, spicy tales involving zombies, where boys meet boys and almost…eat them. We have it all because love is love, and can't always be wrapped up in a neat little bow.
Releasing 6/8/16 - Available Pre-Order:

Time of Your Life Anthology
with stories from: Erzabet Bishop, Emjay Haze, Chad Brian Henry, DC Juris, Samantha Luce, Megan McFerren and Val Prozorova, Charles Payseur, Jessica Payseur, Janelle Reston, Rob Rosen, Lynn Townsend
The Time of Your Life might slip away if you don’t watch out! Tales from deep space, the open road, reality television, fantasy-academia, and contemporary life are brought together in this collection.
In Jessica Payseur’s “Orbits”, longtime friends-with-benefits meet unexpectedly on a space station and finally sync their technology.
“Warren’s Peace” by Emjay Haze, “Duet” by Megan McFerren and Val Prozorova, and “A Change is Gonna Come” by Rob Rosen take the reader on the road—via a Caribbean cruise ship, the railway system of France, and the California Interstate.
A happy home is the goal, but when Chad Brian Henry gives two happily married men constant drooling and barking in the form of “A Problem Called Travis”, they unhappily realize their aim may not be as true as they thought.
Two authors invite us to weddings! Erzabet Bishop and Lynn Townsend each use humor and surprise, found in the commonplace, to lead the newlywed wives in “First Night” and thetwo grooms-to-be in “Wedding March” todiscover and remember why they went to all this trouble in the first place.
“The Color of Magic”, by Charles Payseur, lets us watch and learn with three university students, who challenge authority to secure the future. In a more typical college setting, a shy roommate and an outgoing roommate delight each other with “A Taste of What’s to Come”, written by Samantha Luce.
Straight off the small screen, “Food Play Extreme”, by Janelle Reston, serves a platter of competition and confidence to three top chefs. And in D.C. Juris’ “A Good Bargain”, age and experience is indeed a good match for youth and beauty.
Don’t ignore the ticking of that clock—it’s time of your life!
All individual stories are also available for pre-order!
Releasing 6/22/16 - Available Pre-Order:

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A Behind the Scenes look into Moonlight Masquerade by DM Roberto

Hi there and welcome to my blog posting  about he behind the scenes look into the making of my story, Moonlight Masquerade. I am a new author to the M/M genre and was thrilled when Torquere took a chance on  me and my little story for their Fool for Love anthology. I love reading MM stories, be it a contemporary, paranormal or other genre as long as two people (or more lol) find their way to one another and happy ever after. I normally write about MF couples and for me to venture into the world of MM romance was, by far, the scariest thing I could do.  I never prayed so hard in my life that it wasn't crap and I am really hoping the readers enjoy it. 

I decided to write this little gem of a story about a baker who hates-I mean HATES-Valentine's Day and wishes he could hide away from all the sappy couples. Skylar is a man who is down on romance and love after a series of disastrous relationships that had his heart take a beating so as far as he is concerned, Valentine's is for suckers. That is until a mysterious admirer sets the stage for Skylar's happy ever after-that is if he lets himself believe he is worthy of love.

Moonlight Masquerade was that story and that was after I had Skylar screaming at me in  my head. Can you imagine the looks I got at the  library or other placers when I am muttering and talking to myself?! Yeah, I looked like I was a few sandwiches short of a picnic to say the least. *laughs* Needless to say I wrote this little story that could for a self-published anthology a few years ago but didn't want it to wither away. I took it out a few times, polished it up and continued to tinker with it until I was crazy then I would put it away in my file as I tried to decide what to do with it. Until I saw one of Torquere Press's submission calls I was just letting this book collect dust. So needless to say, sending this story out to them for consideration was nerve wracking and I was giddy when I saw they wanted it for this anthology. 

So please, be gentle with me, it's my first time writing MM and I am really hoping you fall in love with Skylar and see just who this admirer that will give him a chance to see if he can take that risk of falling in love again. :-) 

It’s Valentine’s weekend and for Skylar Everclear, it’s a holiday he wishes he could forget. Mysterious roses keep popping up on his doorstep. No idea what is going, a little disturbed by this secret admirer, he tries to forget it all since he just got rid of the latest line of loser boyfriends and just wants to do his job at the local bakery. But when he meets his new neighbor, Marc Douglas, he finds himself drawn to the quiet young man even as he tries to not let his libido take over. But on Valentine's Day, a mysterious rose again pops up with a note to meet his admirer that night. Will Skylar take a chance that love is right there waiting for him?

Teaser Excerpt:

Shivering as he hurried to his car, Skylar fumbled with his keys before unlocking the door and sliding into the seat. Turning the heat up on high, he waited a bit before putting his car in drive to go home. All he wanted to do was grab a shower, order a pizza and veg in front of the television. He was so exhausted it wasn’t funny. Watching couples come into the bakery or men buying items for their partners/girlfriends was a downer to be sure. He never liked Valentine’s Day to begin with. He felt it was a holiday that Hallmark cards liked so they could guilt people into buying cheesy cards and florist could raise the prices of roses so high it was mind boggling. He never had a nice Valentine’s Day where a lover surprised him with dinner or gave him something romantic or funny or sweet. He was always alone on Valentine’s day and he tried to make sure he didn’t have to deal with people who were so sugary sweet they made his teeth ache. Finally feeling the car heat up, he drove off determined to not think of hearts, flowers and all the things associated to Valentine’s Day. It was for couples, people in love and not for him.

Buy Moonlight Masquerade at:

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Meet the Author:

D.M. Roberto is a lover of books and a compulsive reader. Venturing into the world of GBLT, Ménage and erotic romance, she found her new favorite genre to explore. With time and lots of Johnny Depp movies to inspire her, D.M. Roberto creates heartfelt stories that hopefully readers will enjoy and fall in love with. Living with her two kids, a significant other who supports her every move in writing and doesn’t seem to mind she gets up at 2 am to type away on the computer. She looks forward to creating stories that readers will love and enjoy.

Where to find on the Web:

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Author Extra: 137 Owens Street by DC Juris

137 Owens Street$2.99
Previously published by Breathless Press.
by DC Juris
Matthew is going insane. How else can he explain remembering things he doesn’t own or trips his wife never took? Not to mention the visions, and the phantom in the café. But when the man in the visions reaches out to him with an explanation, and the phantom from the café tracks him down, things start to make a little more sense. 
Morgan is a devout Christian. He believes in God, Heaven, Hell, and the Bible. But his world spins out of control when his husband Matthew disappears and a mysterious man tells a tale outside the realm of reality. How can Morgan put his faith in something so far-fetched? And what will happen to Matthew if he doesn't?

New Release Day Extra:

There's sort of an interesting tale behind this story. My husband and I bought a house several years ago and moved into a new neighborhood. When he started exploring the neighborhood, he realized there were house numbers 136, 138, and 139, but no 137. He asked around and the answers were puzzling – some people remembered a 137, and some swore there'd never been one. He related his findings to me one night and said, "You know, there's a story there. You should write it." A few weeks later, I started working on "137 Owens Street," which I affectionately nicknamed "Hubby's Story." As I worked, I kept waiting for the Big Sex Scene, but it just wasn't happening. I became frustrated, because my stories are known for their sex. I like writing it. But these guys just wouldn't get it on! I put the story away for a week or so, and then it finally hit me – my husband doesn't like to read explicit sex in any story. Somehow, the characters must've known that. "137 Owens Street" really was Hubby's story after all!

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The Spider's Web by Sophia Beaumont Book Blitz

Spiders Web Banner v1Author: Sophia Beaumont
Title: The Spider’s Web
Publisher: Torquere Press
Cover Artist: Kris Norris
Release Date: May 4, 2016
Heat Level: 1
Pairing: m/f
Length: 59,000 words
Genres/Tags: Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

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After being released from a Toronto psych ward, Evie decides that her life needs a drastic change. Moving 500 miles east to stay with her aunt in Montreal, however, is not turning out as expected. Though she loves the city, she can’t outrun the problems that drove her to the edge in the first place. Recovery might be a little easier if not for Micha. Handsome, kind, always willing to help Evie or cheer her on--and completely invisible to everyone else. He seems to think he’s some kind of guardian angel, and she might need one now that things have gone from bad to just plain weird. It started with the spiders--ghostly spiders that showed up out of nowhere, swarming over Evie while she was home alone. Then the owls started following her. Her search of answers dredges up past lives, secret societies, and one very angry goddess. She’s going to need help from some very powerful friends if she wants to make it to her next birthday, but when one of those friends is the goddess of the underworld, she might need more help than a guardian angel can provide.


The shawl was nearby. Practically laying on the ground, I reached out a hand for it. The girls were too busy kneeling in rapture. The gathering had taken on a feeling of a tent revival, except instead of healing the sick they were planning on turning me into bar-b-que. Kelly's eyes had taken on the same ethereal glow as those of the owls; she was beyond the cares of the mortal world. Whatever she was doing, it seemed to be having an effect. I threw the shawl. It hit Kelly full in the face. She stumbled, her words becoming incoherent as she tried to pull it off, but it clung there like a wet towel and wouldn't let go, tangling into her short hair and catching on the sequined collar of her dress. In the split second distraction, I rolled away from the initiates and barreled through the women behind us, knocking them down by crashing my shoulder into their knees and hips. They were packed so closely that where one went down, another two would follow. I came up sprinting, diving for the elevator with them hot on my heels. I slammed my hand against the button, but the door didn't open. There was no way that I'd be able to wait for it come up from the lobby, but there were no stairs that I could see from this side of the cafe. Miraculously, Kelly was still trapped in the shawl, the knitting forming a net that covered her from head to toe. I thought of my torn poncho, and the things that Kelly had said about my former incarnations powers. I don't know how I did it, but the next thing that I knew the green and white awning had collapsed, trapping half of them in a makeshift net. I was so close to the wall that I was barely spared injury. The elevator door dinged open behind me. I dove inside. As soon as the door shut, I ripped off my heels. When it reached the first floor, I bolted out the door barefoot, ignoring the stares of the people around me, pushing past shocked tourists and horrified locals. I ran straight into traffic as I shot down the street, narrowly missing being run over by a bus. I was certain that the owls were overhead, tracking my every move. I had to get off of the street. Places d'Armes Metro station. I was through the doors and taking the escalator two steps at a time down to the platforms. They knew where I lived. They'd found me there before, and their creepy spiders--their legion--had been in the house. The train pulled up as I careened onto the platform. I skidded to a halt, catching myself on one of the poles inside. I collapsed into one of the hard plastic orange seats. I had the car to myself. I covered my face, trying to catch my breath and figure out what my next move would be. "Micha." The air beside me cooled noticeably, drawing goosebumps on my skin. He knelt in front of me and took my hand. "What do I do?" I asked. I was tapped out. My mind had stopped working, drawing a blank. "I need a safe place. But where can I go?" The only other person that I knew, that I trusted in the city, was Adam. I didn't want to put him in danger, but I didn't know what else to do. I got off at my usual stop, but walked down to his building, just two streets over. One of the lights in the upstairs windows was still lit and from the backyard I could hear what sounded like another party. I knocked on the front door. No one answered. Peering around back, I saw that I was right. Probably twenty people were gathered in what appeared to be an impromptu end-of-the-year bash. Strings of lights were hanging from the trees. Beer bottles were all over, coolers open to the night air. I hid in shadow for several moments, watching, until I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was only a beetle, but for a second I thought it was a spider and nearly panicked. Adam appeared on the back deck, beer in hand, peering at me over the railing. I saw him and nearly broke down. "Evie! Are you alright? I thought-" "I tried to come here, first, but he didn't understand me," Micha said. "It's okay." I squeezed his hand. Adam came down the steps and lead me towards the back door. "Inside. Come on." He ushered me in without so much as a word to the party goers. "Come on. Up here." He pulled me into what I assumed was his bedroom. Closet sized, with posters from comic book movies on the walls and an old Mac desktop in the corner, and a tv propped up on milk crates housing DVDs and video game cases. He sat me down on his bed. As soon as the door was closed I started to cry. I bawled. I don't know for how long. Adam knelt beside me and put his arms around me. I was shaking. When I could breath enough to speak coherently again, I spilled out the story of the evening and how it had all gone terribly wrong. Adam stared at me, wide-eyed in complete disbelief. I don't think he would have taken me seriously at all if not for his power. "Don't worry," he said. "Just...don't worry for right now." He laid me down, stroking my hair. "Just relax. It'll be fine. They won't find you here," he said. I felt my muscles relax. My mind was still worried, but it was distant. My eyes drooped. He covered me with his blanket. "We'll talk in the morning. We'll get this figured out." That was the last thing that I remember.


Torquere Press

Spiders Web Square v2

Meet the Author

Author and designer Sophia Beaumont has long dreamed of faraway places, both real and imagined. She writes from her home in Ohio and hopes to one day live somewhere with a palm tree in the front yard.

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Author Extra: Before the New Moon Rises by Cathy Hird

When Poseidon's ambition is thwarted (as told in  Moon of the Goddess), Princess Thalassai expects to enjoy the luxury of peace in the valley of Ephyra. Instead, the Earthshaker's revenge strikes like forked lightning. He recruits Aphoron, disgraced prince of Ephyra, to set off an attack on her home city. The god then releases a monster shark to shut down trade and lays a sleeping spell on the four kings who hold sway in the lands claimed by the ancient goddess Eurynome.
With the king under Poseidon's spell, Thalassai struggles to maintain order in the city. Her fiancé Brizo sets sail to defeat the monster shark, but in the first encounter, the shark destroys the ship's rudder and oars. Her brother Melanion chases after Aphoron and uncovers the prince's plan to attack their city. As other Olympian gods who are angry with Poseidon are drawn into the fray, conflict threatens to engulf the lands of Greece. Will it spread to the mountain of the gods? Will the young leaders find a way to defeat the Earthshaker's plans and restore peace?

The ancient city of Mycenae stood as a giant among the mythical places in Greece. While stories of the city endured, Mycenae itself disappeared into the mists of time. Other places that Homer described kept a prominent place. Athens is the airport a visitor flies into, and the ancient acropolis still towers over the city. Modern Corinth provides a gateway to the ancient city. But Mycenae had to be uncovered by the persistence of the archeologist Schliemann. Thanks to his work, we can visit the lion gates of the fabled city and admire the golden death mask of King Agamemnon.

King Agamemnon was, by all the poets' accounts, the one who led the mission against Troy to rescue captured Helen. He was one of the few to return to the homeland. His return had tragic consequences but that is another story.

It is Agamemnon's father Atreus who enters the tale I tell. According to the stories, young Atreus followed the goddess Artemis. The wit and strength of the warrior goddess embodied the skills he sought. He promised her that if a sheep with a golden fleece appeared in his flock, he would offer it at her temple. When such a ewe appeared, however, the golden beauty seduced him. He kept the animal and its fleece for himself.

Family competition flared, leading him and his brother Thyestes to murder their stepbrother. The two were banished for this breach of family loyalty. Taken in by the king of Mycenae, they became his regents when he went to lead a battle against the sons of Herakles.

When that king died in battle, both the brothers desired his throne. Thyestes suggested that the one who presented a golden fleece should rule. Atreus readily agreed, given that he held such a fleece. Alas, because his wife knew he had betrayed Artemis, she had already stolen the fleece and given it to Thyestes, her lover. Though Thyestes took the throne, Atreus believed that the king of gods wanted him to rule this important city. He asked Zeus to make the sun rise in the west and set in the east. On the day this happened, Atreus was crowned king in Mycenae.

Thyestes sought the advice of the oracle at Delphi to retrieve the place he thought he earned. There by the light of fire he saw a beautiful girl bathing in a stream. He took her by force, but left his sword with her to show the identity of the father of her child. He did not know that this was his daughter, Pelopia.

Searching for Thyestes, either to welcome him back or take his revenge--different poets tell the tale differently--Atreus came upon Pelopia and took her for his wife. He had already put aside the woman who was unfaithful to him by stealing the golden fleece. He believed the son Pelopia bore was his and named the boy Aegistus.

Anger at his brother's betrayal grew in Atreus. He sent his sent his adult sons Agamemnon and Menelaus to Delphi to ask the oracle for help. They found Thyestes at Delphi, bound him and carried him back to Mycenae. Atreus ordered his youngest son Aegistus to behead Thyestes, but when he drew his sword, Thyestes recognized the weapon and claimed that the boy was his son.

Atreus demanded that his wife Pelopia come and explain. She acknowledged to him that she was already pregnant when they married.  Thyestes cried out in sadness and named his misdeed. Horrified that she bore her father's son, Pelopia took her own life with the sword that identified her son's father.

Thyestes demanded that Aegistus kill Atreus, which he did, again with the same sword. Agamemnon and Menelaus escaped, taking refuge in Sparta, where they met the king's two daughters, Helen and Clytemnestra. Another story began.

Before the New Moon Rises takes place once Atreus has established a firm rule in Mycenae before he begins seeking his brother again.

Bad Cops by A.J. Llewellyn Book Blitz

Bad Cops Banner v1Title: Bad Cops
Author: A.J. Llewellyn
Series Title and Number: Laid, #2
Publisher: Torquere
Cover Artist:
Release Date: 5/4/16
Pairing: M/M
Length: 19,000 words
Genre/Tags: BDSM, Contemporary, Crime Fiction, Erotica, Humor, Menage, Mystery, Gay Fiction

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Bad Cop Diaries Book 2 - Jack Cannon’s sexy ex Will Tallman is a cop on the take…there’s nothing worse than a bad cop…or are appearances deceiving? In this explosive sequel to Laid, a series devised by gay porn director John Bruno and written by A.J. Llewellyn, hotshot Los Angeles police Lieutenant Jack Cannon is back in action. With his lover Lucky out of town on assignment, Jack has too much time on his hands and too much aggression to wait patiently at home for him. With a multi-department takedown of a drug and gambling ring exposed in an old LA warehouse, Jack slips inside the ruined, crumbling building for some solo fun…except that a few other cops…and a bad guy or two have the same idea…some guys are just born to be bad… Author’s Note: Every sex scene in this book was filmed for Massive Studios in a series of webisodes.


Summer held its grip on the city, even though it was November and the Christmas crush had started. Every hour on the hour, the song Let it Snow played on the piped music system of the Grove at Farmer’s Market. Fake snow fell from strategic spots on roofs and lampposts. It was so goofy when the weather was so unseasonably warm. Lucky laughed as fake snowdrops landed on my cheeks. This outdoor complex, less than a mile from our house, was our go-to place and we loved it. We liked the fish family, as we always called them. We could never decide on the daily specials because everything was wonderful and dirt cheap. The waitresses laughed with Lucky. Their hopeful stares faltered as he brushed white flakes from my nose and kissed me. There was no mistaking we were lovers. I veered between wanting people to know he was mine and keeping a safe, respectable appearance. Stunned at the array of food they’d plied him with, I felt a wave of fury riding high in me. “They gave you Shrimp Louie?” I asked, feeling a stab of jealousy. “Fat free dressing,” he said. I laughed. “My baby inhales French fries but likes fat free dressing.” “Of course. You know I pick my carbs. Say, let’s finish this. I smell the caramel corn popping.” We ate in silence. We never ran out of things to talk about. It was our first awkward moment together. Ever. It took me by surprise because we never stopped moving our lips. They were either on each other’s mouths, asses, or cocks, arranged around food or great conversation. But we sat, both so quiet, the weight of truth hanging like a steel wrecking ball between us. He decided to kick the ball. “Jack, it’s only a few weeks. We’ll be together for Thanksgiving, one way or another.” “Fuck. It sucks.” “Yeah, it sucks. But think how much fun we’re gonna have when we meet up again.” “Shut up,” I said and he laughed. He took my hand. “Popcorn calls.” We pushed through the lunchtime crowd and bought a bag of it, still warm from the pot. We sampled some fresh coconut corn and bought a pound of that too. We loaded up on slices of fresh butter toffee after tasting tons of different blends. We couldn’t agree on the peppermint bark and chose candy cane bark instead. We snapped up miniature kiwi fruit and persimmons at the fruit stall. I was validating the parking ticket when I saw him open his cell phone. “It’s time,” he told me. “They’re ready to roll.” We went home to our little studio guest house in back of a Pepto Bismol pink duplex on Havenhurst Drive. When I first met him, Lucky had a gorgeous house in the Larchmont district. It was an elaborate prop, part of his undercover disguise as a Mafioso. Now he was on to another secret assignment and I would still be here, working with my own team. There would always be busts, there would always be separations, but this was the first. He put his hand on my thigh as we waited for a light on the corner of Melrose. “It fucking blows monkey chunks, Jack.” “Yeah. It does.” He stared straight ahead. “I’m going to ask you once and lie to me if you have to, but can you be faithful? Please tell me you won’t fuck anyone else. Please…just don’t do it.” “I won’t.” I don’t think.


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Meet the Author

A.J. Llewellyn’s obsession with myth, magic, love, and romance might have led to serious stalking charges had it not been for the ability to write. Thanks to the existence of some very patient publishers, A.J.’s days are spent writing, reading and dreaming up new worlds. A.J. has definitely stopped Google-searching former boyfriends and given up all ambition to taste test every cupcake in the universe to produce over 200 published gay erotic romance novels. A.J. wants you to read them all. A.J. can be found lurking on Facebook and Twitter—part-time class clown being another occupation. When not writing or reading, A.J.’s other passions include juggling, kite-boarding, and spending a fortune buying upgrade apps for Pearl’s Peril and Farm Heroes Saga.

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